Lady Knight

A prince. A princess. The knight in shining armor. Oh, but to be the rescued than the lady knight to be.

When Angel finally returned, the sun had completely set, and Felna had fallen asleep in my arms. He blinked when he saw her position, her head in my lap, and my arm on her shoulder, but he disregarded it as he turned to me, speaking softly, “It is a member of my village. He came for her.”

"Why?" my voice sounded strange, eerie in the darkness of the hut. I heard a rustling noise, and the old Native American appeared in the doorway. His shotgun were still in his wrinkled hands, waiting to be used. but his posture was much more relaxed. Angel turned around and beckoned the old man to a chair in a corner, where the elder carefully laid his shotgun on his lap, his joints creaking with effort. Angel turned again back to me, saying, "The new shaman in our village made a prophecy. They think it may be talking about her, since she is the only white person they have seen in ages."

I shook my head, wondering where any of these so-called prophecies came from, and i replied, “How do you know for sure it’s not a girl that will come later?” Angel was lighting an oil lamp, carefully coaxing the fire to blaze, and he went about the room lighting other candles and light fixtures, ignoring my question. The old man was sitting as still as stone, his eyes closed as if he were in a trance. Finally, when the room was as bright as day, Angel pulled out another stool and sat upon it, facing me.

"It’s Felna. the prophecy talked about the daughter of the sun who’s sight had been stolen. Felna is blind, and her spirit is bright like the sun. The prophecy also talked about how Felna will bring great change in the winds for everyone she meets, and she has a skill, unknown powers. The village wants her back for her powers." He paused, frowning, his eyes focused on Felna’s sleeping face. Her tension had disappeared as she fell into a deep slumber, and a soft smile played on her lips. What dreams she envisioned, I wondered, as she slept soundlessly in my arms…

"I need you to do me a favor." Angel’s voice caught me off guard, because it was unusually gentle. I turned to him, and realized that he was still looking at Felna, his face relaxed. But an emotion danced behind his eyes, flitting in and out of control. I nodded, and leaned closer, as he whispered his plan into my ear. My eyes widened, not believing that Angel was giving me this job when we had known each other for such a short time. He withdrew and turned to the old man in the corner. Angel barked some strange words, and the man returned from his reverie. Creakingly, the man rose, and he quietly left the hut, his gun slung across his shoulder. As the man left into the darkened forest, the howls of a pack of wolves echoed in the starlit sky as Angel set to prepare for our journey.

end of part 13

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